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Lustre finds the best product for your needs — so you don’t have to sift through countless options and reviews.

  1. Extensive Research

    We assess every product and brand in a category to make sure we’re considering every possible option for you.

  2. Rigorous Vetting

    Then we rank products based on 10,000+ factors. Reviewer credibility, brand reliability, enthusiast consensus, even how past generations performed, and more.

  3. Maximized Value

    As prices change, we update rankings — especially when a better option enters your price range — to make sure you’re always getting the best product for your money.

  4. Real Time Updates

    Unlike review sites, we can instantly evaluate new products and reviews as they appear — refreshing our recommendations by the minute.

We take your privacy very seriously

We don’t collect any personal information. We don’t know who you are, what you search for, what you buy — and we never will. Period.

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